Ready for the Return to School?

As the new academic year for all students approaches, it has already been recognised that many students have not benefited from the home learning during lockdown and later. There is even talk, as a consequence, that next year’s GCSE, A levels, etc. ought to be pushed back a couple of months to July to allow teachers greater exam preparation time.

But will pushing the exams back two months make a significant difference compared to the six months students have already been out of the education environment?

Whilst we have all been subject to lockdown, working from home, etc. we at Ulti-m8 Learning have been preparing for the inevitable – huge gaps in students’ knowledge and not enough teaching time in the academic calendar to fill them whilst, simultaneously, trying to teach the full syllabus they would have taught had it not been for Covid-19’s intrusion.

What have we done?

* Heavily invested in the centre by creating a one-way system, all new workstation network
and equipment, safety equipment (face coverings and masks), ultra-violet torches to
sanitise used equipment, automatic soap dispensers and waste bins – the list goes on!

* Workstations have been rearranged to ensure each one is a minimum of 2 metres away
from another.

* Hired a new English teacher able to teach both English language and literature up to
A-level standard.

* Created maths assessments for Years 3 to 9 in order to discover those parts of the
syllabus where knowledge gaps are likely to impact their ability to catch up/improve in
time for next year’s exams.

If you are unsure about safety for your child, we invite you to arrange a private viewing of all the measures we have put in place in order to satisfy yourself.

Call Anne on 07951 063459 to arrange a visit