Do you have the grade you should have?

This week the SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) rejected more than a quarter of the grade recommendations provided by Scottish teachers. The question which must now be uppermost in everybody’s mind is, “Are Ofqual likely to do something similar in England?”

The answer to this question will be revealed on 20 August for GCSEs – the date your student receives their results.  [This seems to be a moving scenario as authorities try to find the fairest way to issue grades.]

What can you do if ‘adjusted’ grades foil the next stage of your student’s academic advancement?

Firstly, the only people able to challenge Ofqual’s grading is their school or college; so please do register your concerns as soon as possible. For any challenge to have any chance of success it will require new, supportive evidence. I have already written to several teachers to explain the incredible, additional effort that many of our students had been putting into their revision to improve their grades prior to lockdown.

Secondly, there is a plan for the opportunity to sit an exam in the Autumn as follows:

* October 5 – 22 for A-levels – less than 8 weeks away!
* November 2 – 23 for GCSEs – less than 12 weeks away!

This course of action may turn out to be your only opportunity to put your student’s education back on track. However, you should realise that the 5 months home schooling provided by many schools can, at best, only be described as revision. Now add to this the effects of the ‘Summer Learning Loss’ phenomenon where, traditionally, very little study takes place, it is likely that the effects of the ‘revision’ work will be largely negated.

Only you will know whether your student took a full and active part in home schooling or was unable to cope with the lack of face-to-face teaching.

If you suspect your student will need support to prepare them for an autumn exam, now is the time to start.

If what you end up with is still not what you think you should be awarded you can always re-sit.  To ensure the best outcome plan and prepare properly.  Ulti-M8 are here to help if you need us.