Tuition Information


Tuition information for parents

The decision to enrol your child into extra tuition classes can be a difficult step.

Many parents choose extra tuition to boost their child’s knowledge, to help them with understanding a particular subject or core topic or to help them catch up if they fall behind with their studies.

Yet at Ulti-M8 Learning we also offer tuition for ‘gifted and talented’ students who may already be successful, who enjoy extra learning and want to study further.

A personalised approach to tuition

In order to create a personalised study programme for every child, we assess each new pupil to identify strengths and weaknesses.

This ensures that every child learns what he or she needs to, without the peer pressure of other students. Lessons are taught at the student’s pace and repeated, as required, to ensure your child truly learns and understands each topic.

Continuous reinforcement and praise demonstrates to the child they can succeed.

How Ulti-M8 Learning works

Here are a few things you might like to know about Ulti-M8 Learning:

  • Subjects: We offer tuition in Maths, English, Science and modern Foreign Languages.
  • Tutors: All our tutors are fully qualified teachers.
  • When: After school lessons take place weekly from Monday to Friday in term time starting at 16:00 and 17:30, and on Saturdays by arrangement.
  • Holiday tuition: Lessons continue during school holidays by arrangement and are scheduled during the morning in order to maximise family time.
  • Duration: Lessons last for 75 minutes.
  • Where: Tuition takes place at our Sawston learning centre. Parents are welcome to drop children off for their lesson, or sit in our Wi-Fi enabled waiting area.
  • Group size: Most tuition is provided in groups of up to 5 students to one tutor, but we also offer personal and one-to-one tutoring.
  • Age groups: We cover all year groups from year 1 to year 11, and on to A-level.
  • Progress: At the end of every lesson, your child’s tutor will sit down with you to update you on what has been covered and discuss your child’s progress.
  • Special discounts and bonuses: FREE bonus lessons are awarded after every 16 lessons, and discounts are available for siblings or more than one lesson per week.

Contact Ulti-M8 Learning now on 01223 750868 to discuss your child’s Maths, English or Science tuition needs.

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